Monday, May 17, 2010

A Memorial.

Frank Frazetta and Ronnie James Dio are both dead. The implications of their combined life forces are intimidating.


The Hell Picayune-Intelligencer

The Prince of Darkness came home today, back to the Pit, back to the city of Dis, wherein lurks the Throne, lashed together with the Hatred Engine. At the exact moment of his arrival on his flaming, enchanted dirtbike, Malfeasance, one thousand perfect rainbows shone over one thousand viking swords, covered in the blood of the fallen and held above in triumph. Then, the last known unicorn made the Pronouncement of Two-Deaths-As-One and promptly vomited up its bowels. The entities formerly known as Frank Frazetta and Ronnie James Dio coalesced and became the creature known as Fronnie Jank Dizetto; may his reign usher in a new age of black prosperity for the underworld. Gaze upon his terrible form and weep, weep, you mortals, you pitiful things, as he sings the song which marks the beginning of the end.


That's all for now.

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